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2009/2010 - Jing Tao, a doctoral student with Professor Ana Barros, was awarded a NASA Earth System Science Ph.D. Fellowship to investigate the Vulnerability of Water Resources in Southern Africa.  Specifically, she will be focusing on elucidating the role of the Angola High Plateau in the water cycle of the upper Zambezi Basin using models and remote sensing observations.
2009/2010 - Doctoral candidate Amrika Deonarine received the C. Ellen Gonter Environmental Chemistry Award from the American Chemical Society Division of Environmental Chemistry for her work in understanding how mercury becomes toxic in the environment. Her adviser is Assistant Professor Heileen Hsu-Kim.
2009/2010 - Master’s student Jennifer Shore won a best poster award in the student competition at American Water Works Assoc. and Water Environ. Assoc. Raleigh, Nov. 16, 2009 for her work titled "Application of a Moving Bed Biofilm Reactor for Ammonia Removal in High Temperature Industrial Wastewater.” Her advisers were Professor Marc Deshusses and Assistant Professor Claudia Gunsch.
2009/2010 - Doctoral candidate Sudeep Popat received a special award from the Air and Waste Management Association for his work in trichloroethene removal from waste gases in anaerobic biotrickling filters through reductive dechlorination. He is a student of Professor Marc Deshusses.
2009/2010 - Graduate students Julien Brun and Prabhakar Shrestha, working with Professor Ana Barros, received an award for their presentation titled "Monitoring Aerosol patterns along the River Valleys of Nepal using MODIS Visible Channels" at the Atmospheric Chemistry Conference of the American Meteorological Society earlier this year. The work aims to elucidate the transport of atmospheric pollution from the Indian subcontinent into the Himalayan region, which can have a major impact in the...
2009/2010 - On May 10-12, a group of 80 PhD students and faculty attended the third BME Research Retreat at the Duke Marine Lab in Beaufort, NC. During the two-day event, Dr. George Truskey presented an informative report on the state of the department and new faculty members Dr. Charlie Gersbach and Dr. Gabriel Lopez presented talks on their expertise in the areas of genome editing and biohybrid materials, respectively. Ten senior PhD students presented research talks on a variety of BME...
2009/2010 - The Outstanding Graduate Teaching Assistant Awards for 2009-2010 were presented to John Moore, Jesse Winans, Aubrey Francisco, and Cindy Cheng. Honorable mentions were Je Hi An, Chun-Chi Chang, Te-Wei Chu, and Garrett Wood.
2009/2010 - In addition to doing groundbreaking research by day in the lab of Professor Monty Reichert, graduate student Matt Novak is a food writer for the San Francisco Chronicle's new food website, He recently did a series on his time spent cooking at Alinea in Chicago last summer. His articles are posted in regular installments.
2009/2010 - The Duke BME Excellence in Master's Studies Award is given to a student graduating with the Master of Science degree in Biomedical Engineering, who symbolizes best the balance between academic excellence and research or teaching service. This is the second year this award is being given. This year's recipient of the Excellence in Master's Studies Award is Sarah Hinds.
2010/2011 - First year graduate students Erica Brown, Tracy Cheung, Amy Frees, Katherine Glass, Pratiksha Thankore and Nicole Virdone, and third year graduate student Andrew Fuller received NSF Graduate Fellowships. Ying Zhang received a Singapore Government fellowship. Leone Daza received a Fulbright scholarship.