Continuation Requirements

You must achieve a satisfactory record of academic performance each term and make satisfactory progress toward graduation each year to continue in Pratt. Continuation requirements are discussed in detail in the Bulletin of Undergraduate Instruction.

Satisfactory Performance Each Term (Semester Continuation Requirements):

  • In the first semester of enrollment at Duke, you must pass at least two semester courses.
  • After the first semester at Duke, you must pass at least three semester courses each semester.
  • If you are taking an underload (which must be authorized by your dean), you must earn all passing grades.
  • You may not fail more than one full course taken during the summer, except that you must pass any and all courses taken in the summer if you received a grade of F in the preceding spring semester.

If you fail to meet semester continuation requirements, you will be academically dismissed for two semesters. Students dismissed twice for academic reasons are generally not readmitted to Duke.

Satisfactory Progress Toward Graduation (Annual Continuation Requirements):

Prior to the beginning of fall term classes, you must have made satisfactory progress toward graduation to be eligible to continue at Duke. The number of credits you must pass to continue into the next academic year is listed in the table that follows. If at the end of the spring semester, you do not meet the requirements for entering the fall semester, you will be required to attend one or both summer sessions at Duke to make up the required credits. If you do not do so, you will be dismissed for two semesters. Note that courses in which F grades are earned do not count towards annual continuation and only two courses in which D grades are earned will count toward annual continuation.

To be eligible to continue your... You must have passed...
2nd year at Duke 6 s.c. at Duke and earned P, C-, or better in 4 s.c.
3rd year at Duke 13 s.c. at duke and earned P, C-, or better in 11 s.c.
4th year at Duke 20 s.c. at Duke and earned P, C- or better in 18 s.c.
5th year at Duke 27 s.c. at Duke and earned P, C- or better in 25 s.c.

Note: this table takes into account the fact that some students will have interrupted their study at Duke. For example, in such cases, a student may be entering in the fall his/her 4th or 6th semester at Duke.

Last updated: November 19, 2003