Part-time Degree Status

Students who have been admitted for full-time study must enroll in a normal course load, i.e. at least four course credits per semester. Academic Deans may permit students with compelling reasons in a normal course load to withdraw from one course prior to the final four weeks of classes. Such students are still considered full-time degree candidates at Duke. However, some students may be bound by scholarship regulations concerning course load each semester; thus students who wish to withdraw to an underload should check the condition of such awards. Students who wish to withdraw to an underload should check with the appropriate offices.

Part-time students can enroll in no more than two 1.0 credit courses (not including a 0.5 credit physical education credit) per semester. Part-time students are not eligible for university housing. Students who wish to change from full-time to part-time status should confer with their Academic Dean. Graduating seniors may request permission for part-time study for their last semester. Students must apply no later than the last business day before the first day of classes in that final semester.

Last updated: June 22, 2012